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I am delighted to welcome you to my galleries and the opportunity to grab a quick taste of the beauties of Bryce Canyon, Utah. Im not a geologist so I wont waste anytime explaining how these magnificent rock sculptures called Hoodoos are being formed even today through erosion. Bryce sits atop the Grand Staircase of the Escalante which bottoms out at the Grand Canyon. The Internet is there for those who want a better or more detailed explanation.

Of the National Parks making up the Grand Circle of the American Southwest, Bryce Canyon is special. The magnificent Grand Canyon may be viewed from a distance, for the most part. The famous Zion National Park is much more compact, but the scale is still quite large. Bryce Canyon is intimate. The trails allow you to walk among the Hoodoos as though they were sculptures in a garden. No one walks away from Bryce Canyon unchanged.

We also have a number of permanent galleries inside as well, and I hope you will take a few minutes and wander around. Your comments and preferences would be greatly appreciated.

In our next special show we will dedicate our gallery to a visit back to My Brooklyn. This project started as an extension of my participation in a photo site called Panoramio which is the gateway for people posting photographs on Google Earth, the delightful aerial photo-compilation of the whole world. It is a lot of fun, going back to the streets I grew up on to photograph them today, with adult eyes, trying to capture its artistic qualities.

Please bookmark us and come back often. We will be adding selected works to our main galleries on an on-going basis.

Thank you,

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